Innovative and Energy Efficient Heat Exchanger Technology for Refrigeration and HVAC industry.

Eden manufactures international quality Heat Exchangers using the latest design and heat transfer technology. The Low Profile Series, High Profile Series and the Air-Cooled Condenser are TUV CE certified.

Eden products are manufactured in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shanghai, China. Both factories are ISO certified. Eden produces a wide range of Unit Coolers, Brine Coolers, Condensers and Custom Coils for commercial, industrial and marine applications.


Our continuous research and development programs create innovative and energy efficient products through cutting edge technologies which exceed current industry standards and customer expectations.


Heat Exchangers

ENC / ELC Cabinet Unit Cooler

EPC / DEPC Low Air Process Chiller Unit Cooler

UPM / UPL Ultra Low Profile Unit Cooler

FEM / FEME PD6 / FEME / FEME LT6 Low Profile Unit Cooler

FNR / FLT High Profile Unit Cooler

FNX / FLX Heavy Duty Unit Cooler

ETLE/H Titan Blast Freezer Unit Cooler

EFGP Matrix Air Cooled Condenser

EVC Matrix V Air Cooled Condenser

EFGP Jumbo Air Cooled Condenser



SPC Scrollpak Air Cooled Condensing Unit

PM / PL Polapak Air Cooled Condensing Unit