Embraco Aspera Hermetic

NO: NE Series

The Embraco NE series of compressors has two efficiency levels and is designed especially for commercial use. Compatible with variable speed technology VNEK version, it presents models that are also available in versions with high or low starting torque.


NE6187Z - 1/3HP, HBP, R134A, 220V

NEK6214Z - 1/2HP, HBP, R134A, 220V


NE6210E - 1/3HP, HBP, R22, 220V

NE9213E - 1/2HP, HBP, R22, 220V


NEK2134GK - 1/3HP, LBP, R404A, 220V

NEK2150GK - 1/2HP, LBP, R404A, 220V